140422 Yokohama Arena (1)

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Triangle ‘트라이앵글’.

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- this ship sails itself #2 (◔ ⌣ ◔)

JaeSuk couple Hwaiting!!!

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duckbutt <3

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Seeing new fans calling Changmin “darling”


"We don’t have a member named ’darling’." — Changmin

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Yoochun just casually watching Junsu fancams in his free time.

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get to know me meme: [1/5 male groups] tvxq!

When I think about it… what I’ve received is something that I’ll never be able to repay no matter how hard I work, even for the rest of my life, this much love… That’s me^^ At least in my personal opinion, but there is no way to measure the depth of love. And no matter how you put it, the great love that all of you have given me…
Regardless of whether it’s just me… or both me and Yunho hyung… We’ll never be able to repay your love no matter how hard we work! Nevertheless, we’ll still work the hardest to give it back, from now on we’ll put in even more effort! Be even happier! And show a more blessed side to everyone in our activities…^^
Thank you all for always being by our side… I love you  (Changmin’s message to Cassiopeia x)

Thank you for really being like the Cassiopeia constellation, always steadily shining on TVXQ from behind….You can say that there are no words to express it?? We keep saying that, but they still ought to be expressed…Even though there were many regrets, there were also times where we were happy together, crying, and laughing together…
Unknowingly, you’ve now become the other half of my life… I needn’t say much else…
We have to keep going on together in the future too…!!
I am so thankful, I love you… My beloved fans… (Yunho’s message to Cassiopeia x)

140307 Yunho at Time Square fansign event (5)

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